Changes to Youth Group Leadership

I welcome the advertisement of the Youth Pastor (part time) position by Auburn Baptist Church. As previously discussed with the church leadership of Auburn Baptist Church, my time as the Youth Ministry coordinator will conclude at the end of June this year. I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to serve the young people, church and the local community over the past 3 years as a youth leader. Though many challenges and difficulties still remain unresolved, I will support the new Youth Pastor in his/her role at Auburn Baptist Church. It is my intention to take a 6 month break from ministry and pending future discussion with the church will be returning to the youth ministry as an assistant to the Youth Pastor in 2017. In the coming months, I call upon both congregations especially Western District Chinese Christian Church to be more actively engaged with the youth ministry and young people as well as ensuring that improvements to the ministry partnership can made made.

Roydon Ng

Auburn Youth Group | Youth Ministry of Auburn Baptist Church and Western District Chinese Christian Church