2016 Report

Auburn Youth Group

It has been a privilege to serve the youth of Auburn Baptist Church, Western District Chinese Christian Church and the Auburn community over the past 3 years.

Despite my departure as Youth Leader and many unresolved challenges, the group is now in a much stronger position than in years gone by through the securing of a renewed commitment from both churches to be actively involved in the ministry partnership.

Building on a strong 2015 with the group attending KYCK and hosting RICE Regionals: West, Auburn Youth Group was also blessed with many new friends as participant numbers reached 20 across the group’s 5 sub-ministries.

Sunday Youth in 2016 included a term’s study of ‘Two Ways to Live’ (evangelical focus) and ‘What/Who is Church?’ (Christian community). We were also glad to have a guest speaker from ChinaHeart International as part of our ‘Mission and Prayer’ Focus Week.

With significant reform ongoing for Friday Youth this year, it is hoped that non-Christians attending Friday nights will also come on Sundays. The successful April 2016 Youth & Young Adults Camp held at Camp Wanawong (Loftus) was a joint initiative with Lidcombe-Berala Baptist Church.

The ‘411 Auburn Youth Newsletter’ also made a return in 2016 in the form of a monthly email dispatch to youth, families and the church congregation providing updates and event announcements. Auburn Youth’s mobile app for Android smartphones also launched in beta along with a new look website.

The youth also enjoyed School Holiday Drop In/Fun Days in the hall and trips to Putt Putt Golf, Ten Pin Bowling and Indoor Trampolining. A feedback survey indicated that most were very happy about the encouraging environment in the group.

The older youth have also been encouraged to attend NextGen Ministry Training Conference in Katoomba as part of the group’s leadership development. The need for a Youth Pastor and a Young Adults Ministry is one of the major challenges facing the youth group.

It is my prayer for the youth will grow up to know Christ and to make Him known!



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2016年 奧本浸信會和西區華人基督教會


我很感謝神讓我在2013年至2016年有機會帶領青年組。 儘管我辭去青年組領袖和許多其他挑戰,青年組強於3年前。這兩個教會都致力於成為青年組的積極支持。

奧本青年組團現擁有在其5項活動有20人參加。2016年的週日青年組聖經學習和討論包括:“人生二路” ,“教會是什麼/教會是誰?” 和有主講嘉賓從ChinaHeart談到基督徒的使命和祈禱。

週五青年組正在進行顯著的改革,我希望星期五青年組非基督徒的青年將出席週日教會崇拜和青年組。我們曾在2016年4月同Lidcombe-Berala浸信會成功運行青生活年營在Camp Wanawong。


鼓勵大齡青年參加 NextGen 部培訓會議在卡通巴。青年人需要一位青年組牧師和年輕成人事工。 我祈禱給年輕人會長大了才知道基督並別人知道基督。


伍啟航 (Roydon Ng)


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