Youth Ministry Update (Western District Chinese Christian Church AGM 2016)

English translation of Roydon Ng’s speech regarding Youth Ministry presented to Western District Chinese Christian Church’s Annual General Meeting on 11 December 2016.

Hi everyone, I’m here to speak about the Youth Ministry.

I would like to begin by thanking the Church for the opportunity to serve the youth from 2013 to 2016. Due to various reasons, I have recently resigned from this volunteer role therefore a Youth Pastoral search is now underway.

The 2016 Youth Ministry report has been handed out earlier, everyone is encouraged to read it. The two major youth group gatherings during the school term are Friday Youth on weekly from 7pm – 9pm and Sunday Youth starting at 10am inside Auburn Baptist Church (worship) with a move upstairs to the Youth room around 10:30am.

It is my hope that everyone will actively support the next Youth Pastor. Supporting the Youth Pastor requires more than just words but genuine actions. In order for the Youth Ministry to succeed, the entire Church must be supportive as team work is highly necessary in nurturing our youth.

Former WDCCC Pastor Pius Li’s statement urging the Church especially youth and parents to make the most out of the Youth Ministry and not take it for granted ought to be heeded once again. It is important that we all strive to put God first.

Being conscientious of the personal circumstances of the Youth Pastor is also very important especially if he/she are currently studying at Bible college and working other part time jobs to make ends meet. Youth and parents should not rely on the Youth Pastor as a funding source for activities and are asked to make appropriate contributions towards financially supporting the Youth Ministry.

Youth Ministry is more than just fun and games, although ensuring every youth has a smile on their face is also important. As a part of Church, the Youth Ministry is a place for Christian teaching, encouragement and spiritual growth in Jesus Christ.

Here are some things that everyone in Church is encouraged to do:

  • Talk to the youth and youth leader, don’t be afraid of the language or age differences – showing that you care and want to relate to them encourages them to feel included in the Church community.
  • If you’re stuck on what to talk to youth about, why not ask them about their views on things in Church such as what they learn in Sunday Youth or what they thought about the sermon.
  • Suggest ways to help them invite their friends and be inclusive of everyone in youth group such as new Year 7 students.

The youth group currently has about 20 names ranging from Year 7 to university and young adults. Although the Youth Ministry on paper is for high school students only, we have welcomed university students as we do not currently have a young adults ministry.

Young adults involved in the youth group are encouraged to help out and not be a burden to the Youth Pastor. Please be in prayer for the university students and young adults as well as the Youth Ministry and Youth Pastor.

As I wrap up, everyone in the Church is encouraged to pull their weight as this is a team sport. Please take initiative to find out what is happening in the youth group and develop better relationships with the youth.

I am sharing this message as part of my prayer that the youth of this Church can Grow Up Into Christ. Church is not just about ourselves being spiritually fed but rather how we can be serving and sharing the love of Christ with each other.

I give my commitment to wholeheartedly supporting the next Youth Pastor and the Youth Ministry and I pray that everyone in the Church will also do likewise.

Thank you everyone.

Auburn Youth Group | Youth Ministry of Auburn Baptist Church and Western District Chinese Christian Church