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The HSC is just around the corner. Are you stressed? Is studying draining you out? Need help with your subjects?

'The Study Lounge,' is run for HSC students by ex-HSC students. We offer tips on how to deal with exams, university application and 'post exam' periods. Basically, we are passionate about assisting the community of HSC students. At "The Study Lounge", we aim to lessen the levels of distress that Year 12 students suffer from, and to show them that there is so much more to post high school life than just an ATAR.

However, in creating an environment 'to study' we do want to remain productive and in order to achieve this, we provide HSC help and advice, free of charge and lunch and refreshments is on us.

Free Food, Free HSC Help, Free Study Space

Every Friday 3pm - 6pm
4 August - 22 September 2017

Every Friday 10am - 6pm
29 September - 20 October 2017
Free Lunch Provided

16 Harrow Road, Auburn

We believe that an environment, built upon genuine relationships, between students themselves and with tutors, will lessen the levels of stress and provide a mutually encouraging environment to study. Furthermore, as university students, we look back at our own HSC participation, and believe that students should be aware that there's so much more to University and their 'post high school lives' than the HSC and their ATAR.

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