2016 Youth & Young Adults Camp

Thank you for your interest in our 2016 Youth & Young Adults Camp!
If you (including adults & leaders) have not filled out a registration form or paid yet, please click here and do so before the start of the camp.

We have included some important information that all participants need to be aware of prior to attending the camp. If there are any questions, please contact Roydon Ng info@auburnyouth.org.au

Camp Information – Event Hours

Arrival at Camp Wanawong will be between 6pm – 6:30pm on Friday 8th April. Please do not arrive earlier than 6pm unless you’re a leader or have been authorised by Roydon Ng. If you are coming later than 6:30pm on Friday night, please let Roydon Ng know beforehand. There will be a group leaving from Auburn Baptist Church around 5pm on Friday 8th.

Saturday Only tickets are from 9am to 9pm. Please report to Roydon Ng upon arrival and departure.

The camp concludes around 2:30pm on Sunday afternoon. If you need to leave the site for any reason during the camp, please report to Roydon Ng upon departure (and arrival on return if applicable). We should be returning to Auburn Baptist Church by 4pm on Sunday 10th.

Camp Information – Location & Transport

The site is located at 11 Fifth Avenue, Loftus 2232.
It is known as Camp Wanawong and also Youthworks College, Loftus.

Parking is available on site. If you are able to form a car pool to help those without transport, please contact Roydon Ng info@auburnyouth.org.au (Note: Red P-Platers are not permitted to drive other youth)

We can also pick you up from Loftus train station on the Illawarra Line if need be.

Camp Information – Food & Accommodation

Auburn Youth Group (Auburn Baptist Church, Western District Chinese Christian Church) & Lidcombe-Berala Baptist Church will be self-catering for this camp. You should have already included any special needs including dietary requirements on your registration form. Please contact Roydon Ng on 0426500330 or info@auburnyouth.org.au if you have any special needs e.g. allergies or dietary requirements that we should be aware of.

Accommodation will be organised with male and female dorms with room allocations at the discretion of the youth leaders.

What to Bring!

  • The weather can be unpredictable so make sure you bring clothes for extreme heat, rain, freezing cold…and everything in between too!
  • Bring the typical camp things: sleeping bag, pillow case, toiletries, towel, pen, notebook and most importantly, YOUR BIBLE! We will mostly be using the NIV bible but you can bring any version you like.
  • The weather can be VERY HOT so it’s handy to bring a refillable water bottle so that you can keep your body hydrated during the week.
  • Bring some money with you for snacks and coffee or if your group goes it a local cafe.
  • Come with a positive attitude willing to explore God’s Word.

Like us on Facebook

We will be uploading last minute tips, weather updates, reminders and fun photos onto our facebook page. So like us today and stay tuned at www.facebook.com/auburnyouthgroup. Feel free to post questions, comments and helpful tips for other campers too. Our Instagram account is www.instagram.com/auburnyouth and we’ll be using the hashtag #AYCamp16!

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